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Welcome to SugarCreek Folk Art Creek Folk Art represents the creative work of Jevoid Simmons, specializing in Afrocentric carvings, paintings and Americana crafts.  Jevoid's current project is a collection of original paintings with accompanying narrative that details his family's departure from the South in the early 1950s as part of the historic black migration North for better opportunity and safety.  He is exploring options for getting this work published in book form.  To learn more about this project and other work, read the article recently published in the Evanston Roundtable and Evanston Review:

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Exhibit opening of "A Family's Journey Home" on February 7th, featuring the work of Simmons at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center. Show curated by Harvey Pranian of Harvey's Antiques.  Thanks to Shorefront Legacy for the video.  Visit Shorefront at :